Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Handbag Star does not store any of your personal data, but if you are purchasing products from any of the retailers listed on this site, you should refer to the privacy policy of the seller.

Use of Cookies

Handbag Star stores temporary (session) cookie information to enable the catalogue system to work correctly. No personal data is stored in cookies from this site.

When you click through to a retailers site, one or more cookies may be used to enable us to reclaim comission on any sales. Again no personal data is stored in these cookies.

Once you land on a retailers website, you should refer to that website's policy for further information about their cookie usage.

Please also note that some third party cookies may be used to collect information as part of the advertisement serving process.

If you wish at any time to remove cookies from your computer, this can be found under browser settings or preferences. For exact removal details, please refer to the help instructions that come with your particular browser