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Despite the smaller size this brush still has all the standard Philip Kingsley hairbrush features to ensure gentle but effective grooming - Vented - to allow heat to disperse and for hair to dry more quickly, minimising the risk of heat damage - Cushioned - to ensure only gentle pressure to the scalp - Widely Spaced Pins - to gently grip hair without pulling - Rounded Ends - to avoid scratching, damage or irritation to the scalp - Anti-Static - to avoid flyaway hair - Maple Wood - for lightweight comfort and style Benefits: Vented, Cushioned, Widely Spaced Pins, Rounded Ends, Anti-Static Maintain healthy, beautiful hair on the go with this gentle handbag brush and handy protective case.

Brushes are wonderful styling aids, but you need to be careful when you use them.

Incorrect brushing, and the wrong type of brush, can cause widespread damage to your hair and scalp.

Choose a brush with long, widely-spaced plastic bristles, not natural bristles.

Plastic bristles are smoother, blunter and kinder to you hair, while natural bristles are sharper, often barbed, and tufted close together.

Above all, avoid brushes with metal prongs.

Limiting damage to the hair shaft is critical to maintaining healthy hair.

Philip Kingsley's award winning brushes ensure styling and grooming with the ultimate care and consideration paid to the hair and scalp.

Philip Kingsley's bottles and tubes are crafted from either sugarcane bioplastic or Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic.

Sugarcane bioplastic is the first plastic ever made from a fully renewable origin, and, even better than this, to make it they actually reduce the world's carbon in the process.

PCR plastic reuses single use plastics (such as drinks bottles and packaging) which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill sites, greatly reducing landfill waste and plastic pollution.

It also uses less energy and fossil fuels, protecting the environment from excess pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and overuse of resources.


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